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All healing is a healing of the heart.

All healing is a healing of the heart.

All healing is a healing of the heart.All healing is a healing of the heart.All healing is a healing of the heart.

Where the heart and technology converge.

Innovation and quantum healing

Healing Our Stories


  • Our cells have memory. We are a composite of all our stories and the stories from our parents and grandparents. These intergenerational stories live in our body and our neurology and become repetitive triggers in our lives. Our body carries all the memories of our past which dictates our future, our fears, our relationships. The bridge to releasing these biological memories and all the triggers that go with them are the emotions.  Through an emotional release technique called Mythotherapy and a technology called the EVOX we can rewrite and rewire you for health and healing. 



  • EVOX is a perception reframing biofeedback process in which clients receive balancing frequencies that target and unblock built-up toxic stress and excess energies in the body that accumulate in our neurology from trauma, family beliefs, inherited genetic patterns and fear.
  • This process integrates healing at all levels which talking therapies alone cannot do and is fast and effective.

  • "Our Cells are a technology that turns all of our experience into biology"

What You Can Expect


  • The EVOX perception reframing technology understands that every emotion and thought has a vibrational signature which is revealed in our voice as we speak about anything that we are working on, worried about or have experienced. You will,
  • Release addiction and negative relational patterns 
  • Reduce and eliminate phobias, obsession, issues with food and sex and money.
  • Heal family abuses, moving to deep forgiveness, letting go and moving on from trauma.
  • Relief from chronic pain and sleeplessness, chronic disease and in some cases life threatening behaviors and illnesses.
  • Conquer fear, relief from PTSD, anxiety and depression.
  • Reconnect and realign with your spiritual integrity.
  • Simply become Happier.

The Magic of Evox

Depression & Anxiety


  • Emotions are stored in our body. Depression, fear, and anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience .  In Mythotherapy and using the EVOX we are able to reframe and rewire your thought patterns that lead to depression and to develop new patterns in your life to achieve what you want.  


Trauma & PTSD


  • Many individuals experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances. Anxiety, fear, and hopelessness are a few emotions that can linger post traumatic events. We can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing which will remove the cellular memory of trauma and free you to create your reality instead of react to it. 



  • Relationship counseling can be beneficial to couples who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Mythotherapy along with the EVOX is great for couples and will put you on the fast track to remembering why you fell in love in the first place. 

About Maya Christobel


A Pioneer

  •  Maya Christobel is the first to bring a groundbreaking therapy to the state of Maine. She has practiced  her merging of Mythotherapy and biotechnology all over the world.  Maya’s background is in developmental psychology and she did her Master’s and Doctoral work in Counseling Psychology/Marriage and Family Therapy at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She currently practices as a healer by using the EVOX biotechnology as she was on the pioneering edge of its development nearly 15 years ago. Maya includes Cognitive Behavioral Trauma-Focused Therapy, Intuitive Healing, Shamanism and Guided Hypnosis coupled with the EVOX and brings her 30 years as a psychotherapist, teacher, and practitioner of energetic medicine to all her clients.  Each session is highly individualized.


Let Go of Trauma

  • In 1999 Maya noticed that although her clients and families were more aware and had greater tools in life, the triggers to unwanted behaviors and addictions, thoughts and fears still were active for most people.  It became clear that talking therapy did not address the way in which we hold trauma, negative thoughts, and genetically inherited patterns in our neurology.  She began studing Quantum Physics and the impact of energy on our health, our beliefs and our life and began working with a new technology from  new company called Zyto.  It was now possible to address how we hold trauma in our bodies and rewire ourselves in order to fully heal.
  • "I am absolutely convinced that it is our trapped emotions, traumas, anxieties and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our nervous system are the source of everything that ails us.” Sonia Choquette


Emotional Intelligence

  • Maya set out to train with one of the first companies to explore biotechnology as a healing tool and quickly saw how the energetic make-up of our bodies can interface, even with technology. The mediator of this process is the heart and our emotional intelligence. 
  • EVOX made it possible to generate maps of each person’s issues, fears, and blockages simply using voice pattern recognition to identify the held, carried and stuck frequencies in our neurology. Maya soon saw such startling results in peoples lives in just a few sessions that it became clear that the mind was not in charge of healing, the heart was. The emotions were. 
  • Experts Talk about our Emotions


Turn your Past into Power

  • Accept: Embrace your life exactly where it is and find new and amazing dimensions and dynamics in your circumstances.
  • · Heal: Shift your vibrational frequency toward Health and Healing.
  • · Create a Context: Provide a big-picture view of the situation beyond your own story.
  • · Release: Safely release toxic emotions associated with the stress, anxiety, and depression of loss and transition;
  • · Transform: Change buried childhood stories that may be contributing to financial issues and negative relationship patterns.
  • · Take Action: Take positive action in an unhappy relationship or job from a place of understanding and compassion.
  • · Experience: Encounter the magic of coming to know yourself in a vibrant new way.
  • · Know: Use your gifts and experience to help others.
  • · Love: Unlock the power of the heart to love of self, love of others and compassion.
  • · Tap into your limitless creativity.

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You Hold the key

Experts around the world talk about our emotions being the key to healing.

Our Past can shape our future

Jason Silva is a mind and spirit pointing us to the future.  He talks about how the past can become our biological reality.   Our Past can shape our future.

Game changer

Dr. Buttar believes the ZYTO EVOX has truly changed the game for his practice

Emotional Healing

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